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About Marrakech city
The International Conference SES2019 will be held in Marrakech which is the second largest city of Morocco and one of the four imperial impressive cities which is called “the pearl of the south”. It is known as the Red City, one of the best touristic destinations in the world, and a center for international meetings.  It is a fantastic area that first comes to mind when you think of Morocco, and no trip to the country is complete without a visit to this city. Marrakech has an impressive history and was founded in 1062. Let us take a look at what drives everyone to Marrakech!
Travel to Marrakech
Getting to Marrakech is today much easier and comfortable. A quick and easy way to get to Marrakech is that you can fly directly from your country to Marrakech Menara Airport or first to Casablanca Airport than 3 hours by train, bus or plane (40 min). 
Marrakech Menara Airport is a worldwide airport operated by the Moroccan Airports Authority. It’s a modern airport with direct scheduled flights from all over Europe. You may have to change planes in Casablanca, for instance, if you are flying from Asia. It depends on your airline. The airport is located about 3 kilometers from the center of the city - where the conference will be held - which is easily accessible by taxi or bus, the cost will be about 10 euros. It is also possible to rent a car at the airport.
The conference location
The conference will be held at the Hotel Marrakesh Le Samiramis which is a perfect place for seminars and events. It is 7 km from Medina of Marrakech and not far from the Menara Airport and the railway station.
For more information about the hotel, please visit the following link:

SES2019 delegates have many options regarding the organization of their accommodations during the Conference venue. The Organizing committee has negotiated with some hotels and could obtain some special tariffs from which all delegates can benefit.


For delegates who made the package registration option, their accommodations will be organized by our Technical Committee and they don't need to do anything. They will receive the confirmation of their reservation after their registration. However, delegates who need any additional service which is not covered by the package option (such as the extension of their journey in Marrakech, a double room, transportation from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, etc.) are required to inform the Technical Committee via email:

For delegates who made the simple registration option and want to book a room in the following hotels while benefitting from the special tariffs, please contact the Technical Committee via this email: ses2019.reservation@gmail.comOur staff will be in charge of your reservation and will provide you with full details about the special tariffs, available services, transportation, etc.


These are the hotels with special tariffs selected so far:

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