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Upcoming International Conference (SES2019)

Social-Ecological Systems: From Risks and Insecurity to Viability and  Resilience


October 24-25, 2019

Marrakesh, Morocco

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Call for Proposals l  Deadline closed

5th Edition of CERES International Conference on: Social-Ecological Systems - From Risks and Insecurity to Viability and  Resilience (SES2019)

Date & Venue  l October 24-25, 2019   l  Hotel Marrakesh Le Samiramis, Marrakesh, Morocco

The Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (Medec) has appointed Dr. Mohamed Behnassi (Director of CERES), among the Lead Authors who will prepare the 1st MedECC Assessment Report (MAR1). The Lead Author meeting will be held on March 4-7, 2019, Milan, Italy